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Summer art workshops at the Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School. To register, please e-mail

Creative Sketchbook: Explore with Mixed Media

Instructor: Ana Lopez

Experiment with a variety of mediums in combination with various type of surfaces. Students can use Graphite, Gouache, Acrylic paint and Colored Pencils in this class. Your style will be influenced by the mediums and layer materials you choose to create unique works. Students will be encouraged to work from their choice of subjects such as still life, figure, designs and their own sketches. In this class, students will explore their art language and interests, and record their process in a sketchbook.

Dates: August 22 and 25, 2-5 pm

Required Materials: Students are required to bring a sketchbook. Other materials will be provided

Cost: $57.50 + $20 materials fee

Registration: To register, please e-mail

A Breath of Fresh Yarn: Hair Edition

Instructor: Madeleine Mees

In this special Knit Two(gether) workshop, we’ll be focusing on hair accessories. Each student will have the choice to make a headband, scrunchie, or other hair accessory of their choice. Knitting is proven to help with calming anxiety and relieving stress and in this workshop, we seek to offer students a mindful environment where they can spend a few hours outdoors, learn to knit or practice their craft, and have a small accessory as a reminder to take a breath and enjoy the process. Students will be provided instruction throughout the course of the workshop.

Dates: August 20 and 27, 1-4 pm

Required Materials: Materials available for purchase Knitting needles – 6mm/US10 straight or circular 50g of yarn Category 4 or 5

Cost: $57.50 + $20 optional materials fee (if student has no materials).

Registration: To register, please e-mail

Watercolour Painting en Plein-Air

Instructor: Louise Drouin

Through watercolour demonstrations, students will learn how to approach a scene, focusing on good composition, contrast and rich colours. Together, we will explore Pointe-Saint-
Charles and its surrounding areas along the canal, capturing the neighborhood in transition. Students will learn to paint what they see from direct observation, and expand their expressive watercolour skills.Dates: August 21, 28 and September 4, 1-4 pm

Cost: $86.25 + $20 materials fee

Registration: To register, please e-mail .

Painting Land from a Tin Can

Instructor: Dave LeRue

The art school has always believed that small is beautiful, and in this workshop, we will work with some of the smallest paintings imaginable: 2 x 2.5 inches, painted entirely in an Altoids mint tin. Using tiny brushes, tiny amounts of paint and our regular sized fingers, we will work from life, moving around Pointe-Saint-Charles and the surrounding areas to capture scenes from our neighborhood. The instructor will demonstrate his techniques and welcome you to apply your own through trial and error. While all are welcome, this workshop will be difficult for

Dates: September 7, 14 and 21, 9 – 12 am

Required Materials: None. Bring oil or acrylic paint if you have it. Tins, paper, brushes, jars and solvent will be provided.

Cost: Pay What You Can (Suggested price: $86.25) + $30 materials fee.

Registration: To register, please e-mail

Urban Perspectives

Instructor: Jacalyn Turner

Description: Architecturally-trained artist Jaclyn Turner will lead participants on a series of urban sketching sessions, focusing on the principles of one-point, two-point, and three-point
perspective. Participants will also learn photography-inspired principles to improve their composition skills.

Required Materials: Sketchbook, paper or pad. Pen or pencils. Paint, ink and other materials optional.

Dates: August 11, 18 and 25, from 9-12 pm

Cost: Pay What You Can (Suggested price: $86.25)

Registration: To register, please e-mail

A Fast and Loose Introduction to Watercolour

Instructor: Rebecca Cavanaugh

Watercolour is known to be difficult, and this class aims to introduce students to the medium, showing that they don’t have to be afraid and to let go! Over the course of four weeks, we will paint a flower, an animal and a landscape using techniques that require letting go, and letting the material do the work. Students should leave confident to start their own projects, and to dive head-first into becoming a watercolour artist!

Required Materials: None. Please bring your watercolour materials if you have them.

Price: Pay what you can (Suggested price: $115) + Materials fee

Dates: August 3, 10, 17 and 24, from 1-4 pm

Registration: To register, please e-mail

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School offers affordable visual arts classes and workshops for students of all levels and walks of life
and is a non-profit registered charity.

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