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Children's Art Class / Cours D'art Pour Enfants

Art and Kids

What Art Teaches Kids This weekend we are having an Open House at the school to welcome families and children and others interested in the arts for kids, and to find out from the community what we can do for…

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Barry Macpherson Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School


One wintry day a few months ago, I arrived at the Pointe-St-Charles Art School just after Barry Mac Pherson, our Artistic Director in charge of Program Development. I’ve known Barry for a while now, and I can tell when he…

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Painting École D'art Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School


The Art of the Egg or the Egg and I It occurred to me that I have done an awful lot of egg drawings and paintings. Not quite sure why. It is a subject I use in my drawing classes…

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