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Studio Practice

Instructors: various

Mondays 1 – 4 pm / drop-in 

This is an open class to work at your own pace with instruction and guidance on a project inspired by personal preference. It is a drop-in Studio practice class where we share knowledge, thoughts and support, and a 30 min critique at the end. An instructor will be present to offer individualized feedback. If you are working on something, bring it along, or start afresh at these sessions.  Not particular to any style or medium, and the instructors are specialized in painting and drawing. For beginners through advanced students. All welcome. This class is free for our studio members. For information about our studio membership please click here.

3h incl tx cost: $25

Drawing: Technique, Expression & Style!

Instructor: Catherine Wells

Tuesdays 1 – 4 pm / ongoing * No classes July 2 and August 6-27

Adopting a personalized approach, this course teaches basic and advanced drawing techniques depending upon the level of the student, while at the same time cultivating creative expression. Self-confidence as an artist will develop through the acquisition of classical, time honoured techniques and the growth of a personal style. Each week will bring new and interesting  exercises and ideas to explore while building on previous weeks’ lessons. Looking at examples from traditional and contemporary drawing will enhance the students’ knowledge of drawing’s place in our world and provide inspiration. Discovering how to tap into the imaginative and creative well of an art practice and access the visual language of drawing will combine to make this an interesting and enriching class. 

Cost: $248 + tx

We have a limited number of subsidized spaces for those who need it.

To apply, please fill out this form and send it to

Painting Methods and Practice

Instructor: Dave LeRue

Tuesdays 6:30 – 9:30 pm / restarts July 30th

Open to all, from beginners to advanced. We will explore many aspects of painting: From choosing your materials to picking your subject, we will constantly ask how painting can be turned from making a product (a painting) to an ongoing process combining ideas with technical knowledge. Each week will combine group discussions and lectures with exercises and longer projects. Works may span a few classes, and students may choose to continue working on skills and paintings outside class time through optional homework prompts. All course content will be designed with a range of levels in mind. Students are welcome to work in oil or acrylic. Required and recommended materials list are available upon registration.

Cost: $248 + tx

We have a limited number of subsidized spaces for those who need it.

To apply, please fill out this form and send it to

Painting Techniques

Instructor: Eberhard Froehlich

Thursdays  9 am – 12 pm / ongoing / restarts August 1st

For beginners through advanced students of painting. This practice-based class helps you understand the logic of colour interactions – what works and what doesn’t work in paintings. Each week has a clear theme which is demonstrated and explained in the first half hour of class; afterwards each student is encouraged to explore the theme on their own. Students benefit from seeing each other’s paintings and talking about the process; class critiques are twice per session, in order to share possibilities for how to develop each painting further. Emphasis is on sound painting technique and skills that will last a lifetime. We work from observation and from imagination.

Cost: $248 + tx 

We have a limited number of subsidized spaces for those who need it.

To apply, please fill out this form and send it to

Relief Printing Workshop

Instructor: Kristina Urquhart

Friday, June 28, 9 am – 1 pm

An introduction to relief printing materials and processes with lino plates and water based inks. Students will design a plate and learn the skills of cutting, colour mixing, inking, and printing. To attend the Friday workshop, please register until Thursday, 12 noon.

Sign up for a 4h workshop: $48 + tx + $20 materials fee


Bookbinding and Artists’ Books

Instructor: Tina Jubinville

Sundays 9 am – 12 pm / 4 weeks

This course is designed for all skill levels and explores the book as a means of expression. Students will be introduced to various traditional binding techniques, such as Japanese stab binding and saddle stitching, as well as non-traditional methods they can use to create a book. This is a creative approach to bookbinding which will be taught through demonstrations, discussions and guidance in creating one’s books. Ideas of narrative, journaling, collecting and documenting will be examined and a variety of examples will be brought to class. Students will also learn related techniques like image transfers, collage and simple ways to create pattern on paper. A new technique will be introduced each week but students will be able to work at their own pace in a relaxed atmosphere.

Cost: $124 + tx + 30$ materials fee

Image Transfer Workshop

Instructor: Tina Jubinville

In this workshop, students will learn three different methods with which they can transfer an image from one surface to another using photocopies, inkjets and images from magazines. Materials provided but students can bring inkjet prints of images they would like to transfer. In case you can not print the inkjet, please email them to before the workshop.

Sign up for our 3h workshop: $36 + $14 materials fee + tx

Visual Art Journalling

Instructor: Claire Ponka

This “Art-as-Therapy” beginner-level art course aims to support individuals seeking a creative outlet, but who may be unsure where to begin. Fun “unblocking” techniques will be offered, in the form of games, mindful prompts and low-pressure art activities, so individuals can practice orienting their artistic focus towards the process of art making, while releasing expectations about the final product; healthy arts-based coping mechanisms will be developed as a result. Students will be encouraged to experiment with art materials in novel ways, and build a personal library of expressive techniques that will be contained in a personal Visual Art Journal. Please note: although this art class will be led by an Art Therapist, this class is NOT an art therapy group.

Cost: $248 + tx / Materials are provided by the school.

The Creative Homebodies’ Online Art as Therapy Workshops

Instructor: Claire Ponka

This introductory level art course aims to unite individuals seeking a social and creative activity from the comfort of their home. This cozy online art class will invite participants to reframe their relationships with the great indoors via safe, arts-based practices that can promote self-expression, self-reflection, and emotional regulation. Grab your tea, your pets, and your blankets, and join the Creative Homebodies within a virtual social setting. No artistic skills are necessary to participate in this art class, just a desire to be connect and create. Please note: although this art class will be led by an Art Therapist, this class is NOT an art therapy group.

Cost: $72 incl tx

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School offers affordable visual arts classes and workshops for students of all levels and walks of life
and is a non-profit registered charity.

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