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Fine Art School

Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School is a non profit fine art school serving Pointe-Saint-Charles and the Greater Montreal area. The school offers affordable visual arts classes and workshops for students of all levels and walks of life.

Registration may be done on the Internet on each classes page by using the PayPal button under the course description, by telephone or in person.

We are offering ongoing classes. You can register for certain classes whenever you wish.

Cancellation and Reimbursement policy

  • Registration by phone, in person or on the Internet.
  • If cancellation is up to 24 hours before course begins – $20 cancellation fee. If after the first class, student will receive a full refund of course fees less $20 administration charge and the cost of one class.
    No refund will be made after the second class
  • The Pointe-St-Charles Art School retains the right to cancel a class if there are not enough students enrolled. Full amount will be refunded.

Telephone: 514 935-7107

Our Objectives

To advance education by establishing and operating a non-profit art school.

Arts Classes: offer visual arts classes and workshops on drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and other forms of visual arts;

Structured Curriculum: provide a structured arts curriculum in order to develop art skills and in order to foster an inspiring atmosphere for self-expression;

Teaching Expertise: to promote excellence in the field of art education by hiring highly qualified, experienced fine art teachers and by offering relevant, stimulating and well developed programming;
Learning environment: to provide a school atmosphere where students not only attend classes, workshops, seminars, and exhibitions in which they participate, but also become part of an arts community (e.g. the organizing of a student year-end showcase);

Accreditation: to become an accredited art school and offer diploma-level programming to our students.

To advance education, participation, and appreciation of the arts in the community as well as promote cultural development.

1) Exhibitions;
2) Workshops;
3) Fine art film club;
4) Scholarship programme;
5) Visiting artist’s programme;
6) Volunteer programme;
7) Providing internships and practicums for art, art education and art therapy students;
8) Providing an art space for emerging artists and recent art graduates who have difficulty finding a suitable venue for their work.

To promote mental health and well-being through the arts by establishing and operating a studio-based art therapy outreach programme in conjunction with the art school.


1) Providing at risk and economically disadvantaged individuals and groups (e. g.,women’s groups, disenfranchised youth, families and children) with access to arts based therapeutic services given by qualified art therapists and other mental health practitioners.

4 – To provide free and/or subsidized access to all above activities in support of purposes.

1) Free or subsidized art instruction (financial aid) for the financially disadvantaged within the community (e.g. youth and seniors);
2) Free or contribution only activities such as exhibitions, workshops, fine art film club;
3) Establishment of a scholarship programme for interested and deserving students;
4) Free or subsidized art space (gallery) by way of a lower than market price (25% commission or low rent fee);
5) Free or subsidized art therapy for economically disadvantaged individuals and groups.

The Pointe-Saint-Charles Art School offers affordable visual arts classes, workshops and art therapy for people of all levels and walks of life, and is a non-profit, registered charity.

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